On Craigslist law firms seeking individuals to handle their National clients.,what National Client(s)…. We shall see what particular law firm ;that will try to evict in Palmer Palmer Community or Prince George’s County without paying taxes, fines, citations and/or renovation cost.  Most reverse mortgages produced between 2007-2008 was predatory and/or fraudulent to include companies serviced by Reverse Mortgage Solutions no longer in business or licensed to do business in Maryland.   Guess most law firms to do evictions for National Companies going to say they aren’t responsible for the National Client neglect and property damages. We shall see.   According to HUD upon 30 days notice of a vacancy the property preservation process begins. How many evictions will be made to the properties Brownstone Diamond Properties inspected vacant for over 10 years in Prince George’s County the bank denied cash offers on?

Sent to our office 12/10/2016:

Rosenberg & Associates, LLC is a real estate law firm founded in 2002 to provide
superior services for creditors in the MD, VA, and DC. We have 100+ employees
spread across our two locations in Bethesda, MD and Tyson’s Corner, VA. We
specialize in creditors rights, and our clients consist of national banks and mortgage
lenders. The areas of law in which we specialize include Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, and Eviction.

Job Description

The primary responsibilities of an Foreclosure Data Entry Clerk is to collect information from our clients and external systems in an effort to draft required Affidavits for execution needed to achieve First Legal action. The ideal candidate must possess exceptional attention to detail, possess excellent communication skills, demonstrate professionalism, be accountable, be organized, have ability to prioritize tasks and able to multitask in a high volume environment.

Essential Responsibilities:

• Reviewing data entered to files by prior teams.

• Drafting Affidavits for the attorney, team lead or manager for review

• Upload and email Affidavits for the client to execute

• Communicating and assisting clients via email, client database messages and phone

• Complete document revision requests per client guidelines

• Following team notes and specific detailed instructions, this differs by each client.

• Working with other team members and other teams in the department to successfully move files forward

• Request and upload documents from the client systems to our database.

• Maintaining team queues, waiting queues and following up with outstanding items.


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