Palmer Park, Maryland 20785. We received a call back in March 2016 pertaining to a disabled owner occupant,lock change, and eviction proceeding on Muncy Rd.

Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc hired a legal representative to file a lost note affidavit to proceed with foreclosure on an equity line of credit (“living senior owner occupant”), National Field Network secured and neglected the dwelling, Listing Broker assigned, eviction notice and new landlord info given to occupants with no response to property condition, denial of hazardous insurance and property nuisances.

Brownstone Diamond Properties a former preservation contractor for another National Mortgage field servicer says RMS,its’ substitute trustees ,&its’ agents process was premature and violate FHA guidelines and regulations for FHA insured dwellings with mortgages. The dwelling should’ve been in conveyance condition on or before 09/08/2016. PG County require mortgage lenders to register vacant and occupied properties in foreclosure. How many preservation workers in your neighborhood has been unable to disclose who created and authorized the work order for assignment completion? Safeguard doesn’t allow that disclosure in Maryland and District of Columbia. Safeguard and National Field Network Inc, in New Jersey does not comprehend legal process and federal regulations due to the fact they hold subcontractors liability for any and all claims discovered in the preservation process.

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