REVERSE MORTGAGE SOLUTIONS INC-Foreclosure in “Palmer Park Community”

Hyattsville, Maryland 20785.November 25, 2016-Brownstone Diamond Properties further research our target market area and dwelling over the Thanksgiving holiday. REVERSE MORTGAGE SOLUTIONS, INC proceeding with foreclosure filed March 23, 2016 by and through Christianna Kersey Esquire in Towson Maryland in PG County Circuit Court, notice of eviction and possession was filed by and through Cohn, Goldberg & Deutsch LLC served on the occupants and abandoned by FHA reverse mortgage servicers RMS, National Field Network, and its subcontractors. REVERSE MORTGAGE SOLUTIONS neglected their responsibility upon notification of vacancy. Prince George’s County Maryland filed INJUNCTION on November 21, 2016 holding the previous owner responsible for the damages pending hearing.  2016 taxes due on the dwelling.  Who is responsible for property taxes , if Reverse Mortgage Solutions, Inc forced eviction without an alternative to foreclosure?

For additional information on the specific dwelling contact Myrtis Brown or check public records for Palmer Park subdivision

Reverse Mortgage Solution Reviews: RMS


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